NM 3625B - Flight Inspection System

Our main product line is our range of Flight Inspection Systems which we call NM 3625B.

As space is usually at a premium in a flight inspection aircraft, we've concentrated on making the NORMARC NFIS compact and easy to install - and easy to remove. We have also focused on a high level of automation to give the operator a low workload.

The Normarc single-console MiniFIS is designed especially with multi-mission aircraft in mind. A MiniFIS weighs less than an average adult passenger and only occupies one seat position. Once installed, the MiniFIS can be removed from any aircraft in less than 30 minutes and re-deployed in about the same time, thanks to the modular building-block construction and unique peg-lock system.

Even the advanced FANFIS systems are compact and lightweight, particularly considering the number of features available. A typical FANFIS configuration loads the aircraft with the equivalent of two adults, weighing less than 200 kg and filling normally only two seat positions.

All the Normarc NFIS systems are made to fit any standard seat rails and have been approved according to JAR/FAR 23 and 25 crash safety requirements.

Technical Summary

  • ICAO Document 8071

  • FAA Flight Inspection Manual OA P8200.1

  • UK CAA CAP 670

  • Precision Approach: ILS, MKR (Up to Cat III), MLS, SCAT-1, LAAS, GBAS

  • En-Route / Approach: VOR, DME, NDB, TACAN, Loran-C, VDF, UDF, RNAV/ FMS, WAAS, SBAS

  • Visual: VASI / PAPI

  • Communication: VHF, UHF, HF, SATCOM

  • Radar: PSR, PAR, SSR, MSSR

Product Family
  • Mini Flight Inspection System (MiniFIS)

  • Semi Automatic Flight Inspection System (SANFIS)

  • Fully Automatic Flight Inspection System (FANFIS)

Integrated Test equipment
  • Standard: Signal Generator (with Auto Receiver Calibration), MMR Microwave Spectrum Analyzer & Oscilloscope-on-Card,

  • Optional: Interface capability to integrate all major avionics sensors and industrial test equipment 

Mechanical design
  • Modular and Portable  

  • Quick disconnect to smaller sections of less than 50 Kg. 

Positioning Reference: 
  • Automatic Position Reference System (APRS) DGPS/INS/LRF  

  • Carrier Phase Measurement DGPS -RTK 

  • Stand-alone GPS 

  • Laser Tracker 

  • Digital Radio Telemetry Theodolite 

  • Manual methods as back up

  • Interface capability to any digital, analogue or manual Position Reference 

  • 75 kg - 200 Kg* 
Console Rack Dimensions 
  •  Width: 500 mm 500 mm 

  •  Depth: 580 mm 610 mm 

  •  Height: 1015 mm * 965 mm * 

  • 28 VDC (typical) 10 A - 28 A* 

  • 26V 400Hz 

  • 115V 400Hz 

* Configuration dependent