Normarc Flight Inspection Systems (NFIS) signs contract with Norwegian operator Avinor to supply RNAV upgrade to their Normarc Flight Inspection System.


RNAV (Area Navigation) is a method of air navigation that allows an aircraft to choose any course within a network of navigation beacons, rather than navigating directly to and from the beacons. This can conserve flight distance, reduce congestion, and allow instrument flight plans into airports without beacons. With the planned introduction of RNAV procedures in the Norwegian Airspace, Avinor needs to be able to inspect these procedures.

Consequently, Avinor signed a contract with NFIS for an RNAV upgrade of their existing Normarc Flight Inspection System. The upgrade will be delivered and installed later in 2008.

This RNAV upgrade has previously been delivered to other customers around the world and is available for any user of a modern Normarc Flight Inspection System.

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