Normarc Flight Inspection Systems offer a number of courses to make sure that the customer get the most of our products. Examples of courses and syllabus are listed below. In addition to training, we also of extended warranties, maintenance contracts and installation support. For more information on this, please contact us. 
Operator training

Typically 2 weeks Pilot and Operator Training at Normarc FIS in Norway or at the customer premises. The training covers the syllabus listed below:

  • Introduction to Flight Inspection

  • Laws and regulating authorities

  • Basic Flight Inspection Procedures for the different Navaids

  • GPS Theory

  • Pre-flight preparations

  • In-flight operations

  • Post-flight operations and calculation analysis

  • System basic maintenance

  • Hands-on training

Basic aviation, air navigation- and avionics knowledge is an advantage. The training course is recommended for pilots and operators.

Flight Inspection Training

The training course for flight Inspectors will provide knowledge of Regulations, of Navigation Systems, their operation as well as of flight inspection procedures for present NavAids but also for future systems. The training typically covers the syllabus listed below:

  •  What is Flight Inspection

  • Approach Navaids explained

  • En-route Navaids explained

  • Operational use of Navaids

  • Legislation & documentation

  • ILS Flight Inspection

  • En-route Flight Inspection

  • Flight Inspection of other Navaids

  • Flight Inspection Systems

  • Future Navaids and Flight Inspection systems

Technical Training

2 weeks Technical and Maintenance Training at Normarc FIS in Oslo or at the customers premises covering Technical and Maintenance aspects of the Normarc FIS and installation: 

- System Overview 
- Computer Technology 
- Avionics Technology 
- GPS Introduction and overview 
- Basic Operation 
- Periodic Maintenance 
- Troubleshooting and fault-finding 
- Hands-on training 

Basic knowledge in electronics and avionics is an advantage. The training course is recommended for engineers, technicians and operators.